To any one I met at Motor City last night welcome and thank you for visiting. I realize I need to update this blog, life has been busy. But I am ready to get back in here. There is much to discuss in the world of mascots. Also, I will be making more monster themed things.


A website will be up soonish. http://www.doctorzenitram.com.


Keep your eyes here and there and everywhere.


Hey guys, I know, I know, I have not created a new mascot in 2 weeks. Well there is good reason for that. In order to be ready in time for NYC Comic Con I launched my first ever web comic, Hazlet Schermerhorn. The adventures of a 14 year old girl who has to deal with the pressures of being a teen and those of a super powered hero.











The comic can be located at www.hazletschermerhorn.com It will update Thursdays. Time permitting.

I have had this story in my head for nearly 15 years, and I thought it was about time to get it out there. Let me know what you guys think.

Also come find me at NYC COmic Con on Saturday, I will be running around handing out the above flyers, or helping my friend Tara Normal Creator HC Noel, at his booth 2627.


I am still here!

FYI, my one reader, I have not abandoned my beloved Mascots for Everyone project. I have in fact, started a second project that needs to launch on October 14th, the same weekend as a certain New York City Comic Con! So there will be no mascot this week. I do have some more found mascots to post and some articles I have been writing about the process. I love this project and am excited about doing more.

Thank you for reading, I do appreciate your visits. Smile


Decepticons, RETREAT!

Shameless Plug: Tara Normal


I don’t just plug stuff, I give plugs art! It’s how I roll!

This is the real art:

tara normal-350x266

My good Friend H.C. Noel created this excellent web comic called Tara Normal, about the exploits of one paranormal investigators. Think of it as Scooby Doo meets the X-files, where Daphne, Velma and Mulder are poured into one little sexy package. In it you will find some classic characters like Baby Cthulhu, Painbow Fright and my favorite the Shadowman.

shadowman He’s the one that looks like a shadow… man.

The series is well written and hilarious, it pays tribute to a lot of bizarre pop culture… I’m looking at you Captain Unknown!


Take a moment and pop over to http://www.taranormal.com/ and also follow the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/TaraNormalActivity, he’s gearing up to reach 1,000 followers… there is a contest I tell you!

It’s a great read, and it’s free. So if you don’t read it, you just hate humanity… Go, I’m dome here!

Do you want a shameless plug? let me know in the comments section.

Introducing: Tink

This week’s mascot has been inspired by a recent trip to the New York City Maker Faire. What an amazing event, robots, 3-d printers, robots, a life sized version of Mouse Trap, robots, contraption bicycles, and even some robots.

Oh yeah and this thing:

The Sashimi Tabernacle Chior!

Yeah, you missed out!

Anyway, the consistent technology prevalent at the event was this wonderful open source Project known as Arduino.


From looking at it it, I’m sure you are underwhelmed, but this awesome little board has the power to give anyone the ability to create insane types of projects! From pants that you can use as a keyboard, to motion sensitive musical controllers, and even yes, robots!  You are only limited by your imagination, and ability to teach yourself. The programming language is easy to learn, even for me! I am using mine for a puppetry project, that I have been trying to figure out for a while. It will be awesome.



I love drawing robots, seriously I have been drawing them since I was exposed to these guys:


I think it was about 4 million years ago!

So, I decided to use this opportunity to create a robotic mascot. His name is Tink, as in tinker. One of the major themes of the Arduino project, is the concept of tinkering, taking things apart, understanding their insides, and being able to re-purpose them to invent new and interesting creations. I decided on a robot because of the huge DIY communities dedicated to creating robots, using Arduino, which one day I hope I can somehow be a part of… I can paint their faces!  I know Tink does not look like a robot you build in your garage, but imagination and possibilities are huge concepts when it comes to the device, so anything can be possible.

Initially I was going for a design that looked like a robot cobbled together from obsolete electronics, but I was troubled by using too many technologies to identify the product. A robot just works well with the concept. And if you are wondering why he is holding a paint brush, and soldering iron; well I think those are the two tools that can best describe what it’s like working with Arduino. The ability to control technology to create new forms of art… I love it.

Ok, apologies for the long wait since the last post, I have started a second personal project that involves a whole lot of drawing, writing and more drawing. It rhymes with Ceb Womic! It may or may not be ready in time for NYC Comic Con. But, I will post another mascot next week and more mascot related or unrelated stories. In the mean time let me know what you think.

Until next time… Roll out!

Oh for the love of…

Before I begin, when looking for a job, read through the entire job description, and the listing of qualifications, especially when the job calls for things you have no experience in, like making dog clothes, how is that a graphic design job? Anyway, read, before you end up making something to personalize your cover letter, that you’re not going to use.

And so I give you Fetchly:


What is Pet Head you ask? It’s boutique shampoos for your pets! Although all I see are their shampoos for dogs, what about those of us with smelly cats?

cat-sleeping-in-a-litter-box   They actually do this you know!

The idea was to show the people of Fetch, the company behind Pet Head, that I am some kind of zany creative type. And what is the cheapest thing one uses to get attention with any kind of advertisement? Puppies! Everyone loves puppies, especially quaffed puppies. Human beings are insane! So here you are, Fetchly, the accidental mascot! Keep smiling boy, someone will take you home and love you one day! I bet if you stare at his eyes long enough everything will start tasting like cupcakes, even when you’re not eating anything at all.

I’m sending it to Fetch anyway!

Until next time… I need a catch phrase!

Maker Faire and Free Stuff

Apologies, no mascot this week, but I swear there may be a benefit for you! This weekend is…


Educate Yourself!

And I am making freebies to give out to complete strangers, or you, if you find me! Well what kind of freebies Mr. Mascot guy?



These are my handmade Vampanadas, empanadas that have been embraced by the undead. Come find me and nab one. I will be all over, most likely drooling over the Makerbot Thing-o-Matic, man I want one!


If you want a Vampanada, I will be wearing a lab coat with a creepy hypno swirl, and the grin of a 6 year old in a toy store, find me!

Until next time… I need a catchphrase